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Elevate Your SME Business with Our Exclusive Branding Strategies


Unlock Up to 50%

EDG Grant Funding to Supercharge Your Brand!


Welcome to ThinkSME, Your Ultimate Partner for Explosive Growth.

We specialize in transforming and unleashing the true potential of SMEs in Singapore with our cutting-edge Branding and Marketing strategies.


The EDG isn't just a grant; it's your gateway to unparalleled success. This is your chance to secure a substantial portion of your brand strategies project costs, allowing you to expand your brand, innovate, and conquer the global market.

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Unlock up to 50% Grant Funding for Explosive Branding and Marketing.

Transform your brand without breaking the bank.

Dominate your Niche with Outstanding Brand Visibility, Consistent Brand Identity and World-Class Brand Image.

Take your brand globally and watch it rise above the competition.

Attract a Flood of
High-Value Customers.

Secure your place in the market's upper echelon.

Boost Your Revenue and Leave Competitors in the Dust.

Act now to outshine your rivals and thrive.


How Branding Can Help to Empower Your Business

7-Eleven vs Local convenience stores

7-Eleven's strong branding and identity, with its recognizable name, logo, and global presence, give it a competitive advantage over local convenience stores, which often lack consistent branding and struggle to compete due to limited marketing and online presence, resulting in lower customer trust and hindered expansion opportunities.

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Evaluation and EDG Application Process

We take the heavy
lifting out of your Grant application





Our experienced experts guide you through every step, from defining your project to crafting a proposal that stands out. We handle budgeting, documentation, grant submission, reworks from ESG officer and finally obtaining your claim; all while offering unwavering support throughout your project's journey. With a track record of successful EDG projects, our certified consultants are your ticket to growth and business success.


Branding & Marketing

We Don't Just Amplify Your Brand; We Supercharge It!

At our core, we're masters of branding and marketing. Our suite of services, including Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Presentations, Web Design, and Social Media, will transform your brand into a global powerhouse.

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Web Design

Social Media


Revolutionising B&C Laboratories: A Success Story of Rebranding

Brand Strategy I Logo design I Brand Manual I Stationary I Packaging I Brochure I Van design

Why entrust your EDG Grant journey to us?

Enterprise Singapore recognized consultants

Customized Strategies

Your brand deserves tailor-made solutions

Our expertise is acknowledged at the highest level

Proven expertise in successful EDG branding projects

We've helped countless businesses secure EDG Grants


We don't waste time; we focus on your growth


We're not satisfied until your ROI soars

Dedicated Support

A team that's 100% committed to your success


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& Quotation


Grant Application


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Approval Obtained

& Payment


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Brand Development & Project Commencement


Grant Claim

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  • How much does the project cost?
    Depending on the complexity on the project, min. project cost starts from SGD30,000 before grant support. E.g. Project Cost: $30,000 EDG Support: $15,000 (50%) Actual Project Cost: $15,000 On top of EDG grant support, eligible companies are able to use up to SGD7,000 skills future enterprise credit (SFEC) SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) ( to offset the project cost. To check SFEC eligibility, please login Business Grants Portal for more information. E.g. Project Cost: $30,000 EDG Support: $15,000 (50%) SFEC Support: $7,000 Project Cost: $8,000
  • Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:
    - Min. 2 years incorporation with at least >SGD300,000 annualized sales revenue in latest year. - Be registered and operating in Singapore - Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Project Cost is very expensive:
    Yes, no doubt it’s not cheap to transform and develop a top-class brand identity to outshine your competitors but if you’re serious about your business, treat it as a one-time investment cost to transform your business to what it truly deserves. Better still, now there’s a 50% ESG support grant that can help you with your business transformation.
  • Grant approval turnaround time:
    Typically it takes around 2-3 months, depending on the application workload from ESG officer, we’ve seen applications approved within as fast as 1 month.
  • My application was rejected previously. Can I try again?
    Yes, before we start to apply for this application. We’ll take a look at the rejection reason for previous application and see how we can work on current new one.
  • Can I engage any brand agency to apply for this grant for my company?
    Yes, you may choose to do so, however, agency must possess Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) certification in order to apply for this grant.

Empower your business and transform it into a world-class brand

Treat your business seriously and elevate to what it truly deserves.

We'll be in touch soon!

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