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Unlock Up to 50% EDG Grant Funding to Supercharge Your Brand!

Elevate Your SME Business with Our Exclusive Branding Strategies

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Welcome to ThinkSME, Your Ultimate Partner for Explosive Growth.

We specialize in transforming and unleashing the true potential of SMEs in Singapore with our cutting-edge Branding and Marketing strategies.


The EDG isn't just a grant; it's your gateway to unparalleled success. This is your chance to secure a substantial portion of your brand strategies project costs, allowing you to expand your brand, innovate, and conquer the global market.



Unlock up to 50% Grant Funding for Explosive Branding and Marketing.

Transform your brand without breaking the bank.

Dominate your Niche with Outstanding Brand Visibility, Consistent Brand Identity and World-Class Brand Image.

Take your brand globally and watch it rise above the competition.

Attract a Flood of
High-Value Customers.

Secure your place in the market's upper echelon.

Boost Your Revenue and Leave Competitors in the Dust.

Act now to outshine your rivals and thrive.



7-Eleven vs Local convenience stores

7-Eleven's strong branding and identity, with its recognizable name, logo, and global presence, give it a competitive advantage over local convenience stores, which often lack consistent branding and struggle to compete due to limited marketing and online presence, resulting in lower customer trust and hindered expansion opportunities.

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Evaluation and EDG Application Process

We take the heavy
lifting out of your Grant application.

Our experienced experts guide you through every step, from defining your project to crafting a proposal
that stands out. We handle budgeting, documentation, grant submission, reworks from ESG officer and
finally obtaining your claim; all while offering unwavering support throughout your project's journey.
With a track record of successful EDG projects, our certified consultants are your ticket to growth and
business success.


Branding & Marketing

We Don't Just Amplify Your Brand; We Supercharge It!

At our core, we're masters of branding and marketing. Our suite of services, including Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Presentations, Web Design, and Social Media, will transform your brand into a global powerhouse.


Revolutionising B&C Laboratories: A Success Story of Rebranding

B&C Laboratories underwent a revolutionary journey with ThinkSME's invaluable assistance. With our expert guidance, they successfully secured the Enterprise Development Grant, initiating a comprehensive rebranding effort. This strategic transformation, involving a new logo, brand identity and packaging design, injected fresh vitality into the company's identity, aligning it seamlessly with its vision for innovation and excellence. The impact was profound - their brand presence surged, and customer engagement reached unprecedented levels. The harmonised messaging and revitalised visual identity provided by ThinkSME not only reinvigorated its image but also fortified its market position. Thanks to our dedicated efforts, B&C Laboratories now stands as an exemplar of how strategic rebranding, supported by the EDG, can catapult a company to greater success.

Why entrust your EDG Grant journey to us?

Our expertise is acknowledged at the highest level.

Enterprise Singapore recognized consultants.

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